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Questions I have received recently from supporters and others:

Melvin, how do you stand on Measure M? Isn’t a regressive tax?
I support measure M. It is slightly progressive because it’s a percentage of value, so people with the most expensive properties pay more. And even the percent of the value is reduced for people whose homes are worth less than $400,000. Unfortunately the State law limits how cities can raise desperately needed money. To get fair taxes the city needs to find a way to close corporate loopholes in property tax. This has to be done mostly at the state level.

Melvin, I know you endorsed Ben Choi for Richmond City Council. Do you endorse anyone for the third seat in this election? No.

Melvin, some people are questioning whether you really live in Richmond, what say you?
I do reside in Richmond. My residence is on Barrett Ave, on the North and East. I rent a room there and share the house with other roommates.

What about the financial support that you are getting out of town?
I received no corporate money from anywhere. I have received support from many people in many places in addition to local support and volunteering. A lot of it is due to the Bernie Sanders organization “Our Revolution”. This was set up to help low income candidates like myself to overcome financial obstacles while remaining free of corporate ties. Also my friend Mike Parker asked his friend and family to help. His brother Bob, a retired steel worker, and his brother Bill, and autoworker, were among those who responded. It is all properly reported in the forms open to the public.

Have you really been endorsed by Senator Bernie Sanders?
Yes I have and when I met with him in person on 10/15/2016 I thank him for his endorsement and support. He was pleased to endorse me and we took pictures together. Bernie knows Richmond well and cares about our city and its progress.

Why are some people attacking you and your association with the Richmond Progressive Alliance?
Don’t really know. I can only speculate that they are resentful of my activism and commitment to the people of Richmond. I hope they can soon see me and the RPA differently and join our efforts to transform Richmond into a better community and a great city.

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Melvin Willis for Richmond City Council